Sojae Creative Community Project

SCC Artist in Recidence_Daejeon, South Korea

Collective Action + Side Specific Installation+ Costume design Shooting

                       Materials, tools and details

   Collective Action

                      Costume design shooting by Ha Yong


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The red rope

A diary about the daily life and the abstract thoughts

By Regina Dejiménez

In this small book I gather images and texts that relate the experience lived as a resident artist in the Sojae Creative Community Art Residence on November 2017, promoted by the Daejeon Culture Foundation.

My experience focuses on the development of several artistic interventions in the neighborhood and in the spaces of the artists in residence.

The artistic production was based in a personal artistic and theoretical research, with photographies and two installation side specific. I also worked on a fiber art piece, and  created three live performance.

In all phases of the work I care to improve the intergeneretional and intercultural link beetwen the local community.


When everyday life is connected to abstract thinking,  there is creativity.

This document proposes an artistic approach to the daily reality of the Sojaedong neighborhood, in the city of Daejeon, South Korea, through the creative and abstract study and some activities created around a daily object: a red rope.

The red string is observed here, as a form, as a material and a symbol of invisible realities.

Multidisciplinary observation is a personal way of portraying the complex reality, made up of multiple connections between matter and energy.

The everyday objects illustrate the daily life of the people and the customs of the culture. There are testimonies of our ability to think and to do as human beings.

They are inspiration for art and for philosophy.

In them you can find personal information about the person who uses them. They are documentary information about society and even traces of our history. One can also reach the farthest universe of the imagination and the sublimation of art.

Art allows to recreate narratives and reflect personal and social states.

Art emerges in relation to the human being and the group, from a desire to do something special, in everyday life.

My creativity applied to a red rope, creates the limits between ramdomness and technique, between care and freedom.